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Fitbit suggests the Google TV app for future

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In the future, we might be using a Google TV app.

According to a blog post by the company, we came to know many of the updates that Fitbit might receive under the supervision of Google. Some of the points of the post suggested that Fitbit is about to become a more helpful tool. It will ultimately help people to become healthier and more active.

Almost two years ago it announced a joint venture with Google. Since then a number of changes have been introduced. The most noticeable is the addition of the Fitbit app to the Pixel Watch. While at the same time smacking the branding of ‘by Google’ across its marketing products. However, there is still a long way to go. With many of the updates coming soon.

Although Fitbit didn’t directly name a Google TV app. Though it seems to suggest so. However, it mentioned that Google is planning to make the availability of Fitbit app across different devices ranging from connected home devices, and TVs, to smartphones. Also, we could consider that this point hints towards the integration of Chromecast with the Fitbit app. But, considering the rumors as of August it was suggested that Wear OS and Fitbit will be integrated into Google TV via specified apps.

Furthermore, we can expect the integration of home devices with the Fitbit app. Like we can think about the Nest Hub, and perhaps the upcoming Pixel tablet by Google with the docking station combined with the Fitbit app.  

Google Amps and Google Wallet coming to Fitbit

In addition to a TV app, Google Maps and Google Wallet are expected to become a part of Fitbit watches. To use the maps, the phone needs to be in close vicinity of the watch. Bank availability on Google Wallet will vary depending on the region. So for the initial phase, we can’t expect the wider availability of the Google Wallet app i.e., on a global scale.