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Flight Simulator by Microsoft has lush graphics


One of the most foreseen games this year is Microsoft’s Flight Simulator 2020. Not exclusively do the graphics look lavish and detailed, however, it’ll reproduce the whole flying world, including each of the 37,000 genuine air terminals, genuine air traffic and exceptional climate conditions. You’d figure all that would require a seriously powerful PC rig, however, Microsoft has quite recently revealed the machine specifications for Flight Simulator 2020 and you won’t really need the most recent and quickest gear.

A base spec machine requires, in any event, an AMD Ryzen 3 1200 or Intel i5-4460 CPU, the two of which are a few generations old. You’ll likewise require either a Radeon RX 570 or NVIDIA GTX 770 GPU with at any rate 2GB of VRAM, alongside 8GB of RAM, a 150GB hard drive and a 5 Mbps association.

While those are humble specs to be sure, any reasonable person would agree they won’t give you the sort of sensible designs and satellite-picture quality situations that Microsoft has flaunted up until this point. To get the best outcomes, you’ll presumably need something near Microsoft’s “Optimal Spec.” That requires significantly more ongoing Ryzen 7 Pro 2700X or Intel i7-9800X CPUs, alongside very good quality AMD Radeon VII and NVIDIA RTX 2080 GPUs with 8GB of VRAM in any event. You’ll likewise require no under 32GB of RAM, a 150GB SSD and a 50 Mbps association, at any rate. It’s fair to say that you’ll have a better experience with a high-end PC and fast internet connection — just as you’d expect.

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