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For 8K videos, the Galaxy S24 Ultra might have a 5x zoom

The launch of the flagship Galaxy S24 series is just a few weeks away. The high-end Galaxy S24 Ultra model is expected to feature some great camera specs. Until now, it has been kind of confirmed that the smartphone will feature a four-camera setup, including the same primary, ultrawide, and first telephoto camera as its predecessor; however, the long-range telephoto camera will be updated. According to a fresh leak, the upcoming Galaxy S24 Ultra will feature better zoom while recording 8K videos.

Galaxy S24 Ultra will feature 5x optical zoom

A tipster claims that the upcoming Galaxy S24 Ultra will feature a 200MP main camera, a 12MP ultrawide camera, a 10MP telephoto camera, and a 50MP telephoto camera. With up to 5x zoom, the smartphone can record 8K videos due to the 50MP telephoto camera, which features high resolution and big pixels that contribute to improved light gathering. In comparison, the Galaxy S23 Ultra can currently shoot 8K 30 frames per second films; however, all of its zooming features in that mode are based only on digital zoom.

Furthermore, the report indicates that the smartphone features portrait mode with a 5x zoom, and improved stabilization during daylight and low-light conditions. Both front and rear cameras are compatible with the AI Object Aware Engine which will offer several fun imaging elements as well as portrait effects. The smartphone features a 12MP selfie camera like the Galaxy S23 series on the front.

The Galaxy S24 might provide Facebook and Instagram users with HDR image quality

In addition to this, the tipster claims that the company has collaborated with Meta to provide better image and video quality when uploading photos to Facebook and Instagram. In simple words, users could post HDR images and videos on Facebook and Instagram. Besides this, another report previously shared suggested that users could even share images on Instagram and Snapchat directly from the lock screen.

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