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For Android phones, WhatsApp is experimenting with a cloud-free chat transfer option

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Despite the fact that WhatsApp is one of the best messaging programs available, you can’t ignore some of its absurd restrictions, such as the inability to use numerous devices with a single account. Furthermore, while this issue was resolved a few years ago, transferring chats from Android and iOS has historically been a bit of a pain. To accomplish the conversion, there are a few requirements, such as the necessity to back up your chats to supported cloud services. Fortunately, a future feature may eliminate that step, as WhatsApp is rumored to be developing a new backup-free chat transfer option.

The Meta-owned messaging platform is working on a brand-new method to transfer your chat history to an additional Android phone without using a cloud backup, claims WABetaInfo. To keep all of your discussions accessible while switching to a new device, you now need to backup your chats to Google Drive. With the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 in 2021, which were the first devices to take advantage of it, WhatsApp first enabled this capability for Android phones.

Using Apple’s Move to iOS app, WhatsApp introduced the same functionality for iOS smartphones last year. These improvements address a lengthy WhatsApp issue by simplifying the transfer of communications between two different smartphone operating systems.

If the yet-to-be-public functionality revealed by WABetaInfo is made available, it will greatly simplify that procedure. The “Chat transfer to Android” option is located in the Settings menu underneath the chat backup button, as seen in the screenshot provided by the outlet. This implies that cloud backups will continue to exist in addition to the new choice, which is appropriate. Nothing compares to archiving your conversations to the cloud as the safest way to restore them in case of unforeseen circumstances, such as accidentally losing your device.

The paper states that there is no ETA for this feature, which is still under development. Despite this, we anticipate that the new chat exchange feature will soon be available, but possibly only for transfers between Android devices.

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