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Matter-over-thread will be available across Echo devices, announces Amazon

Amazon disclosed last month that it was planning a staggered release of Matter support for its products. The business has now stated that matter-over-thread support will be introduced later this year.

According to The Verge, Amazon revealed at CES 2023 that matter-over-thread capability would be launching on Echo devices this spring. Along with that assistance, the business will modify its fourth-generation Echo smart speaker to function as both a Matter interface and a Thread border router.

If you’re unfamiliar with Thread, it’s a wireless protocol built on the low-power Zigbee standard that is utilised by many companies that produce smart homes. Here is where you may learn more about it.

Amazon said that it would enable credential sharing for Thread when it rolls out. This should lessen the problem of several threaded networks developing when numerous border routers from different vendors are unable to communicate with one another.

According to Matt Davidson, senior product manager of Matter at Amazon, the updated credential sharing policy will:

The credentials sharing functionality makes it easier to set up Matter over Thread compatible smart home devices by allowing the exchange of Thread credentials between Alexa and developer apps.The user will be able to connect their Thread device to any Thread network in the home using our Matter setup routine, similar to how they can connect their Wi-Fi device to any network along with the network created by their Echo device (4th generation).

The e-commerce behemoth revealed that it is extending Matter support to more device types, including sensors, blinds, and thermostats. Furthermore, Amazon stated that Matter support will be added to the remainder of its Echo and Eero compatible products by spring.

The Alexa app will be upgraded to recognise when you update a device in the app or the manufacturer’s app, according to a final announcement from Amazon. This implies that the manufacturer’s app will receive the name you give a device when you connect it to Alexa. In order to allow new Matter devices, the iOS version of the app will also be upgraded in the spring.

Since the smart home standard just recently debuted, there aren’t many Matter products available right now. So you might not feel the effects of this news immediately. When designing a smart home, this will be a huge help once devices are made available.

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