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Forced update starts: QNAP tries to protect users from Trojans

Taiwanese NAS manufacturer QNAP is now starting forced updates for affected devices after massive security vulnerabilities. The background is a vulnerability that is actively exploited by the blackmail trojan DeadBolt. We reported yesterday about the vulnerability in the QNAP software and the company’s security warning. Now there are some new facts that are important for QNAP users. On the one hand, there are now details about the hacker attacks with the blackmail trojan DeadBolt. More than 3,600 known attacks are said to have been counted. Infographic: Every third German saves in the cloud Until now, nothing was known about the number. Now it’s clear – it’s a serious problem that could already infect many systems. QNAPO therefore took more drastic measures on Friday evening and is now starting a forced update for all NAS devices with older firmware. The devices have been updated to version According to the Bleeping Computer Online Magazine also for devices that have disabled the automatic update.

problems after the update

Still, things don’t seem to be going smoothly. It is said that some of those affected reported problems with the iSCSI connection to the devices after the update was completed. The ransomware demands a ransom of 0.03 bitcoins from NAS owners, which are currently worth around $1,100. Only then do the DeadBolt hackers want to release the data of those affected. According to information from Bleeping Computer, the attackers are also trying to sell full details of an alleged zero-day vulnerability directly to QNAP for 5 bitcoins worth about $185,000. In addition, the donors provide QNAP with the main decryption key that all encrypted victims could use to get their data back. The strangers demand 50 bitcoins or about $1.85 million for the key.

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