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Dispute over podcast corona denier: Spotify is flooded with criticism

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High ad revenue, wide reach and a lot of misinformation: the music streaming service Spotify brought a combative partner on board years ago with the exclusive podcast from Joe Rogan. Now Spotify is flooded by the criticism surrounding Rogan. If you are a Spotify customer and want to contact customer service via chat, this can be difficult at the moment. “We are currently receiving a lot of questions and are therefore unable to answer directly,” the provider’s website states. The background is that Spotify is currently being overrun with customers seeking to close their accounts in protest against Joe Rogan’s Spotify-exclusive podcast. Since New Year’s Eve, the dispute has escalated. The podcaster had a guest at the time who wanted to sell a series of misinformation about the corona pandemic and vaccines as the one and only truth. In response, scientists, celebrities and politicians had joined forces and in one open letter against Spotify decision protests to leave this disinformation so retrievable and not draw any consequences. In any case, a correction was expected at the time and also a statement from Spotify – but that did not happen either.

Now it’s getting awkward for Spotify

The podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience” has been criticized before, but now it seems it has reached a point where Spotify is starting to get very uncomfortable. The fact that Spotify customers now want to run away en masse is only one aspect. Singer-songwriter Neil Young gave Spotify a simple ultimatum this week: Young was clear – Spotify can have Rogan or him, but not both. He therefore asked Spotify for a decision. Spotify subsequently removed all of Neil Young’s songs from its library.
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