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Freedom House: Internet Freedom position of Pakistan at 71

For the 6th year consecutively, Pakistan was named “not free” by the Freedom House in its Freedom on the Net report released.

The report for the year 2017, which was researched by the Digital Rights Foundation (DRF) and research analysts at the Freedom House, surveys web freedom in 65 nations, representing 87 percent of web users around the world.

The report principally concentrates on events that happened between June 2016 and May 2017.In Pakistan, the report said that mobile web administrations were closed down for over a year in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (Fata) beginning in June 2016. It went ahead to state that the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act, established in August 2016, presented more censorship and surveillance powers with lacking oversight.

Key discoveries of the report featured situations where an adolescent was captured for professedly “liking” an blasphemous post on Facebook in September 2016, a court granted capital punishment in a different Facebook blasphemy case in June this year and five bloggers, known for scrutinizing authorities and religious militancy, were abducted in January — one later said that an administration organization had confined and tormented him.

Pakistan notched down worse in internet freedom from previous standing

It likewise included that programmers ventured up attempts to target government critics and assaulted a noteworthy media site. The report said that the nation’s Internet Freedom Status for the year 2017 had in truth exacerbated from that in 2016 with the positioning of 18 out of 25 for Obstacles to Access for 2016, the bar sits at 19 for the year 2017; and Violations of User Rights which sat at 31 out of 40 for the year 2016; it’s presently at 32.

The general positioning for Pakistan finishes at 71 off of (100 being the most exceedingly awful) during the current year, two focuses down from a year ago positioning.

The report tries to address failings of the state in ensuring the privileges of citizens by arranging and dissecting proof that activists and subjects concerned can use to push for more democracy online and offline. Read full report here.

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