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G suite just got a makeover that you have to see

G suite

Google G Suite formerly known as Google Apps for Work just got a couple of very amazing updates, today. The updates focus on supporting the existing workflow in larger companies and organizations by bringing more of Google’s smart to the apps. The new updates are terrific for bosses who can just create action item and assign them to their employees through easy clicks. The feature works in Documents on the desktop and once you have assigned someone work then they get an email. It’s very easy to keep a track of work assigned and managing has become very easy. This will greatly reduce the time users spend on the action items.

G Suite is very time savvy

The G suite update also has made sure that you spend less time searching for files. Once the action items have been assigned the members can easily identify documents, spreadsheets and presentations. A badge will appear on their action items. Google forms have been used in so many surveys and now, the response form can predict the type of question you want to ask and even suggest responses to choose from. It saves around 25% of the time we spend on creating questionnaires as per Google. This was achieved by the help of neutral networks which identified common question patterns with answers that go with them.

Voice typing in Documents is pretty last year but now the web helps you capture everything without lifting a finger. There are a couple of options that can be used to customize the documents without even lifting a finger.

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Slack has a + button which will bring your documents inside a conversation so this will consume less time in switching between apps that will make it super easy to work with Google Docs files. This will ensure higher productivity and collaboration in between team members.

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