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Your digital transaction might be a hacking trap

hacking trap

The world is quickly transforming into a digital space. Everything is done on digital platforms and is accessible through computer screens. Corporate’s and big organizations handle their business online. Major business transactions are done online through security pins. These pins protect both the administrator and the customer.  Technological advancements are  also giving rise to the methods to break the system and gain important information. These hacking traps are harmful to every party involved. Security breaches are a very important issue in the information technology world today. Since, everyone relies on the computers to safeguard their assets. Hacking trap is a common practice that is prevalent in the IT world that has made millions of people victims.

From ATM pin codes to putting malware in the ATM machines, hackers are doing everything to gain information of the users account. They then transfer money and other data into their accounts or dummy accounts. What is more disturbing in current times is the fact that on the world wide web many applications and software are available which help you easily access the information of other users of the victims whose security or private space you want to invade and conquer.

Did you fall into a hacking trap?

The use of wi-fi hacking is more common since, it has become common for hackers to target wireless networks and gain information from a single source which in turn leads to the gain of information from other computers connected to the network. While, the codes are not that easy to decrypt or decode the hackers have installed hardware devices near the ATM or fake ATM pads which then extract the information and transfer it to the source of the hacker. Companies have warned against it and are trying to secure the network by educating the masses.

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ATM hacking has led to a loss of millions of dollars per year. Client protection criteria is rarely met with. Firesheep is one such example of a software which helps in protection of the client information by checking unsecure networks. You can log onto to check your privacy status on these networks. This helps in getting to know the  unsecured hotspot networks. It also helps in locating which information is being used or interpreted by the third party clients. Hackers have advance systems that invade bank accounts and steal personal information.

Unsecure wifi networks make for easy hacking trap

In conclusion, the security threats have victimized many individuals. The need to update the system to protect against hackers has become a necessary aim in order to achieve digital security in the coming years.  There is a lack in the encryption on user end which makes the system and the internet a vulnerable place for many users.

Since, were all being mapped through out digital DNA it is necessary to be up to date on protection services. Strong passwords are one way to protect yourself. Linking phone numbers and alternative email accounts is also very helpful. Facebook has used code generator which aims to tackle security breaches. Google has started providing end to end encryption for its users in order to tackle hacking attempts. Facebook messenger also has in-built encryption which helps protect use data. However, there are rarely any methods developed by banks to counter ATM hacking. A proactive approach to this can help counter and avoid hacking attempts by harmful parties.

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