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Galaxy Buds+ Update Brings In More Stability And Performance

Galaxy Buds+

Samsung has released a new software update for its Galaxy Buds+, it’s recently launched true wireless earbuds.

The update for the Galaxy Buds+ corresponds to the software build  R175XXU0ATH7, which has a weight of around 1.4 MB. As you can see from the screenshots in the featured image, the changelog indicates the introduction of greater stability at the software level, without going into detail. There would be no further software news. The update is being automatically deployed through the Galaxy Wearable smartphone app. Please let us know if you have installed the update and if you have noticed any further news.

Heat Problem Fixed?

It was reported last week that Samsung Galaxy Buds+ have an issue of overheating during the summer which means if the temperature rises over 28 degrees Celsius the continuous use of Galaxy Buds+ would cause them overheating, the update brings stability to the buds but it’s not confirmed that overheating problem is fixed in this update or not, however, the overheating problem remains with the hardware most of the time but efficient use of the software could also reduce the load and keep the temperature of the bud under control.

via Sammobile