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Samsung Cloud Service To Be Replaced By One Drive

Samsung cloud onedrive

The South Korean electronics manufacturer Samsung would like to expand its partnership with Microsoft even further in the future. For this reason, the company is discontinuing its cloud service and replacing the service with OneDrive. The conversion is to take place in several steps.

As Neowin reports, Samsung has announced that the gallery synchronization integrated into its own smartphones will no longer be available in the near future. In addition, the Samsung Drive cloud service and the associated premium subscription will be discontinued. The features are then to be completely taken over by Microsoft’s cloud service OneDrive. However, the option to synchronize settings, contacts, notes and the calendar with Samsung’s servers should still be available.

Functions will remain in place until 2021

From October 5th, new users will no longer be able to use the above functions. Existing customers have the opportunity to use the features mentioned until April 1, 2021. Synchronization is no longer possible after this date. Then there is only the option of backing up the data stored in the cloud. On June 30, 2021, the data will be removed from the Samsung servers so that access is no longer possible. Anyone who has taken out a paid subscription will of course receive a refund for the remaining term.

Further information on switching from the Samsung Cloud to OneDrive can be found in an official support article from the smartphone manufacturer. From October 5, 2020, users will have the option to migrate their data from the Samsung Cloud to OneDrive. How exactly the migration works will be described on this page.