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Galaxy Fold 3 To Come With Lightning Hinge

Lightening hinge Fold 3

The next generation of foldable from Samsung may be launched with an illuminated or lightening hinge. The light could be used as a status indicator for notifications. It could take some time before the release of the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Earlier it was reported that Galaxy Fold 3 may use Samsung’s Under Display Camera (UDC) technology first instead of Galaxy S21.

patent from the South Korean electronics manufacturer shows that the company could work on a foldable with four integrated LED elements in the hinge. The patent was applied for in March 2019, published on October 1, 2020, and has now been discovered by Letsgodigital. In order not to damage the lighting elements, the strip housed in the hinge is protected by a translucent material.

Light looks to be intended for notifications

The illuminated hinge could serve to enable the smartphone to communicate various information to the user without having to turn on the screen. It would be conceivable, for example, that the light elements glow in a certain color as soon as an app displays a notification. In addition, the LEDs could signal missed calls to the user. Which colors are specifically used for this and whether the technology shown in the patent will actually be found in the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is of course still unclear.

In addition to the patent, however, no information has yet emerged about the next foldable generation from Samsung. Before the Galaxy Z Fold 3 comes onto the market, the fans of the Samsung range will also have to be patient a little longer. It is considered likely that the device will not be presented until the second half of next year.