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Samsung Ditches Galaxy S21 Under Display Camera For Galaxy Z Fold 3

Samsung UDC

Industry insiders said that due to the low output of Samsung UDC technology (low yield rate), Samsung finally decided to abandon the use of its screen on Samsung’s next-generation flagship model (or Galaxy S21) under-display camera technology, it said the report by South Korean media TheLec.

Samsung Galaxy S21 will start mass production in November at the latest, so the Under Display Camera will be declared out of luck. The Lec reportedly said that the first model equipped with Samsung UDC technology is likely to be extended to Samsung’s next-generation folding screen mobile phone (or Galaxy Z Fold 3).

The report also pointed out that Samsung originally planned to use UDC technology in the Galaxy Z Fold 2 released this year, but the output was insufficient. Research Snipers learned that the world’s first mobile phone AXON 20 5G equipped with under-display camera technology was released on September 1.

Regarding Samsung’s under-screen camera technology, South Korean media explained that Samsung plans to use lasers to open active micro vias (HIAA: Hole In Active Area) on OLED panels to achieve UDC. Among them, Hia is divided into “Hia 1” and “Hia 2”. “Hia 1” is punched directly above the camera on the screen (using the current punch screen), and “Hia 2” is a lot of small holes punched in the display. And UDC is a technology developed around HIA2 punching equipment.