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Galaxy Fold – Here are the details about Samsung Foldable Phone

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung Galaxy Foldable Smartphone has been announced during the unpacked Samsung event on 20th February in San Francisco, California.

The Samsung foldable smartphone is termed as a ‘game changer’ but it should be clear that it will not contribute much to the profits of the company as claimed by an analyst.

But as per the managing director for global memory, storage and electric vehicles at Bernstein Mark Newman, “It’s a game-changer in how we may use our devices in the next decade, where you can convert your phone into a tablet.”

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The price of the device will be a barrier in allowing people to purchase it as its price is $1,980.

Newman further said, “It’s a 2,000-dollar price point, so it’s too expensive, really, for most people to buy.” As per Newman Samsung is “always talking about a limited launch very, very limited geography, a million units or less. It’s not really going to drive Samsung’s bottomline at all this year.”

Samsung has not gone for a mainstream launch yet. Their aim was mainly to attract the public, show them the technology, get them accustomed towards a foldable phone before its official launch.

Newman said, “When it’s ready, they’re going to go for mainstream launch, with a more aggressive price point in 2020, probably.”

Now the Galaxy Fold is much like a traditional smartphone but it opens like a book which then reveals the second display. Its size is of a small tablet at 18.5 cm or 7.3 inches. On April 26th the Galaxy Fold will go on sale.

Three apps can be simultaneously used in the phone and it claims to have six cameras. The price though is quite shocking.

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