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Galaxy Watch 7 Charging Speed Is Increased With Loading Speed

Samsung will probably present its new smartwatches in mid-July. According to discovered regulatory documents, the various models of the Galaxy Watch 7 will be able to charge faster in the future. Except for the most anticipated variant.

New Galaxy Watch models are coming

As we reported at the end of April, Samsung will be unveiling lots of new products at its next Galaxy Unpacked event, which is scheduled to take place in Paris on July 10th. In addition to new smartphones such as the Galaxy Z Flip 6, the Galaxy Z Fold 6, and Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra, new tablets and smartwatches will also be presented. According to

SamMobile, the watches are the models of the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 7. The watch will come in a regular version, a Classic/Pro version, and an FE version. This is indicated by certification documents that were recently discovered by the US regulatory authority FCC.

Faster loading speeds

According to the documents, some of the new watches will support significantly faster charging than their predecessors. A document for the SM-L305 model, which appears to be the 40 millimeter LTE version of the watch, shows the volts and amperes of the included power supply. Accordingly, the values ​​for the 7 Series models increase to 15 watts at five volts and three amps. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 previously enabled charging with a maximum of ten watts at five volts and two amps.

The Galaxy Watch 6 battery currently takes about an hour and 30 minutes to charge from zero to 100 percent. With the new watches, things will be correspondingly faster.

FE variant with drawbacks

However, not all new models benefit from better charging performance. On the contrary. The potential and as yet unconfirmed Samsung Galaxy Watch FE, i.e. the slimmed down “Fan Edition” of the watch, will probably only support five watts at five volts and one amp. Accordingly, it could take around three hours to fully charge the FE variant of the smartwatch.

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