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Galaxy Fold Reviews: Making Negative Opinion about the device

Galaxy Fold 2

Samsung has provided its new upcoming Galaxy Fold devices to the reviewers so that they can get hands on the device and write reviews about the device ahead of its launch. However, the Galaxy Fold reviews went all wrong with some serious screen issues.

According to Verge, the Galaxy Fold broke after a random bulge on the display, that could be from the debris got into the hinge. According to the details the phone was used normally without stressing much on it, it was used like putting in a pocket opening and closing hinge. The Verge said it was quite distressing to discover that in just two days, the OLED screen was broken.

Steve Kovach shared a video on Twitter featuring the new Galaxy Fold which showed flickering screen after one day use.


Mark Gurman, also faced catastrophic display failure, it features some of the same screen problems as Steve’s unit. However, Gurman also tweeted about the protective film that the phone had on it, he said, he had removed that protective film which the company said not to.

He also that the removal of the film could have been contributed to the problem but that is beyond the senses to accept in this case. How a protective film can contribute to a major flaw in the display? The question should have been asked by Samsung which is trying to save its face after the bad reviews from the reviewers.

Marques Brownlee has also said he did remove the protective film because there was no clear instruction or warning on the box.

Additionally, not all of the reviewers removed the protective film and not all of them received the issues with the device, so clearly the Samsung Galaxy Fold has multiple issues impacting the device, said MacRumors.

Warning: Reviews make opinions and impact the real sales of the device, it is also important to look at the other reviewers for Samsung Galaxy Fold because the opinion makers sometimes can favor the real competitors. But before buying the most expensive mobile phone device which costs a whopping $1980 watch for more unbiased reviews, the first Galaxy Fold retail units will be available on April 26.

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