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Galaxy Note 8 doing well in the market despite previous doubts

Galaxy Note 8

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Samsung released the Galaxy Note 8 a month ago. The model was highly foreseen and subjected to heaps of suspicious theory on account of the grievous series of events concerning its ancestor, the Note 7.

Regardless of the fairly undue doubts related with the Note 8, it’s safe to state that Samsung has hit a gold mine. Inside a month of its launch, the Galaxy Note 8 has caught more than 1% of the piece of the market share of Android cell phones in USA, Australia and Samsung’s home base, South Korea.

South Korea alone added to the offer of more than 270,000 Note 8 Units in the opening end of the week. 1.7% of total Android users in South Korea have picked the 6.3″ cell phone as their choice of cell phone, though 1% of Australian and American users have purchased the gadget.

Tragically, the Note 8 has neglected to draw in huge quantities of users in the entire of Europe, where the aggregate offer still falls underneath 1% of the aggregate Android count.

Galaxy Note 8 is being called far superior than Apple iPhone

Most clients have praised the Note 8’s quad-HD+ AMOLED HDR show alongside the super quick processor which has been combined with 6 GB RAM to guarantee smooth cruising of the Android 7.1.1. programming framework.

The Note 8 gloats the Octa-center Exynos 8895 chipset, alongside the standard IP68 waterproof certification.

On a lighter note, it’s very stunning how well Samsung is getting along regardless of the Note 7 ignition outrage. Samsung has figured out how to build the estimation of its offers by 63%, though a 73% rise in income has been recorded in this current quarter’s money related report.

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  1. It’s a disposable phone. You’re paying approximately $500 a year to own it, then the battery dies, just like every other flagship, it’s got obsolescence built in through non removable battery, and only morons believe that you need to glue the battery in order to get water resistance.

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