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Galaxy S24 finally recieved Google Play system update 2024

The Galaxy S24 has been out for more than a month, but at that time it has been locked on the July 2023 Google Play system upgrade. On the other hand, the Google Play system upgrade is now rolling out globally for phones in the new series. You can now check for the most recent update if you own a phone from the Galaxy S24 series.

January 2024 sees a Google Play system update for the Galaxy S24

In order to release patches, bug fixes, and essential updates without requiring an update from the smartphone manufacturer, Google created the Play System update. However, for some reason, the Galaxy S24 was experiencing problems with even this upgrade. The January 2024 Google Play system update is now available for the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+, and Galaxy S24 Ultra, suggesting that the problem has been resolved. In India, we discovered that the update was available for our Galaxy S24+.

Depending on the Galaxy S24 version and area, the update size may change somewhat. For instance, our Galaxy S24+ received an 84MB update, whereas some Galaxy S24 Ultra customers only received a 75MB one. It is always preferable to use the most recent version because Google Play system upgrades enhance the stability, security, and dependability of the entire operating system.

You must select the Download and install option after navigating to Settings » Security and privacy » Updates » Google Play system update in order to apply this update. Considering the month end we’re not sure if Galaxy S24 will receive February 2024 update or it’ll proceed to March 2024 directly.

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