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Galaxy S8: Samsung wins or loses the game


Samsung will finally reveal the Galaxy S8 next week in New York City. After what happened to the Note 7 there is a lot riding on this handset. There are two important factors for why there are major stakes involved. One of which is that it is redefining brand flagship once more brining new dynamics to the biggest names in the tech industry. The company has also delayed its launch a lot in order to get things perfect this time. The unpacked event for Samsung next week will have major implications for the brand whose last year did not turn out that great. Consumers may be skeptical about the performance of the phone and in fact, everyone has their eye on what will happen for the company in the future. Everything is gearing towards more tensed situations and we hope that Samsung lucks out of this with the Galaxy S8.

It occurs to us that through media the company has been hyping up its announcement for a long time. We can see how the date of the event was a big revelation at the mobile world congress press conference where it solely focused on the new tablets it had. In the weeks that have followed it seems that the audience is hooked. The S8 has come to the limelight through official announcements and through a number of legit leaks. We do not know whether the leaks for the hype were intentional or otherwise.

Galaxy S8 can either make or break the Samsung brand name

We are expecting that the event on Wednesday will be somewhat similar. It will be the last major public apology for Note 7 drama and a turn of new leaf for Galaxy 8. This will also lay emphasis on the company’s newly set safety standards. A lot of companies have taken to slow things down with their devices but Samsung like always is aiming for something off the notch. We have high expectations for the device to be everything and superb in functioning.

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However, while we are not sure about much but one thing we vouch by is that Samsung is joining the stream of phones with their own smartphone assistant. This move is obviously rubbing Google the wrong way as it seeks to implement its assistant in Android phones and many more handsets. Bixby, we have discussed before and know that it is very similar to Siri, Alexa and Assistant competitors in the market.

We know that Samsung acquired Viv the last year. Viv worked on the Apple Siri so we’re expecting a lot of new features. The smart assistant promises a lot of next generation capabilities. The best capability is context awareness of other applications on the phone and a lot of third party support for other apps that are “Bixby enabled”. Learning process will have less friction as the company promised. This will make switching between interfaces seamless and intuitive.

We are going to see a lot of somber competition

Bigger the better is always Samsung way to go or at least that is the narrative we see. The company through rumors have pointed out that there will be two big phones. The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ will come in 5.7 and 6.2 inch screens. The phones will be offering 2960×1440 resolution. This is a notable jump from the S7’s 2560×1440. Now talking about the industrial design, we see that the company is trying to reach its goal of getting rid of the bezels. The goal is to have edge-to-edge display and it seems that the leaked images have showcased how close Samsung is in achieving its dream.

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The oblong home button is not in the new phone either. There will be fingerprint unlocking which is very similar to the handsets like Google Pixel. Fingerprint sensor is located at the back of the device. Other specs include a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 which has given more involvement in the creation of the device. The chip is being hoarded by the company ahead of the launch. S8 and S8+ will have 3000 and 3500mAh batteries. Safety for this company now relies on the battery talk so we hope that this time our expectations don’t explode in our faces.

We got some good news for the people. New images point out that the Samsung is holding onto the headphone jack but we are not sure how much this is true. Black, Grey and Silver are the colors it will be available in.

Image via IT World