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Startup Weekend Karachi 2017: The 3-day event concluded announcing 3 winners

Startup Weekend Karachi 2017

Turn on the news and you’d witness news showing the darker side of Pakistan. Read blogs, news, and stories from online presenters and you’d say,”Pakistan is rising“. And one such happening is a recent 3-day event held in Karachi; Startup Weekend.

What’s Startup Weekend?

The name tells you all. But let me share a little history of Startup Weekend.

Startup Weekend is a global movement first started in the USA. The organization is itself a startup and has produced 100s of startups since its discovery.

The program works in simple; you enroll yourself in an upcoming Startup Weekend event, pitch your idea in front of a crowd, build a prototype, and win a reward from investors if they like your project.

3 winners from Startup Rumble

About Startup Weekend Karachi 2017 (March: 24-26)

In Pakistan, a recent Startup Weekend was organized in Karachi by The Nest I/O. The event started on March 24 and concluded on 26. Around 27 teams participated in the urge to seek their own venture.

A number of business gurus, mentors, and young startups/entrepreneurs judged and guided the participants. Of the renowned names some are listed down below:

  • Humayun Bashir – Former Country General Manager, IBM, with a 40-year experience in the MENA region
  • Rabia Garib – Co-Founder & Cheif Editor, TheNewSpaces, having an experience of 12 years in the industry
  • Babar Khan Javed – a young professional helping big names brand their names all around and now working as a GM, Centric, Dubai
  • Jahan Ara – President of Pasha (P@SHA) having a will to groom the young blood, bring the rising startups in the front row, and help build a better Pakistan.

The Final Cut

54-hours of struggle and mingling brought the event to its closure. The final pitches were thrown on Sunday, March 26 concluding 3 winning teams out of 27.

Winners if the show were Mirror Magician, a photo-taking technology using augmented reality and picture automation.Mirror Magician - Startup Weekend Winner







If you too seek to become a startup, it’s never too late. Stay tuned with the Startup Weekend and try your luck!

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