Galaxy Z Flip: Do not Use Screen Protector It Will Expire The Screen Warranty

Galaxy Z Flip

Foldable phones are futuristic, but they are also very fragile. Samsung, Motorola, and Huawei have all worked hard to ensure that their flexible foldable screens are not easily broken. Previously we came across some reports complaining about the screen and hinge problems. Users are likely to put a protective film on them to protect the phone screen, but if you own a Galaxy Z Flip, you should pay attention, doing so may cause you more problems.

Samsung has always discouraged the use of screen protectors on its foldable phones, whether it is the first-generation Galaxy Fold or Galaxy Z Flip. Officials say its screen is strong enough to withstand scratches and accidental drops, but the facts may not withstand verification.

However, some users may not know that putting a screen protector on the Galaxy Z Flip will invalidate their warranty. This means that if the Galaxy Z Flip encounters some unrelated incidents that require repair, the screen protector will mean that they must pay for the repair. Research Snipers learned that the Samsung representative stated that this clause was printed in the care instructions in all Galaxy Z Flip packages, so users must pay attention to it.

Samsung Instructions For Galaxy Z Flip