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Game Of Thrones Episode 6—Another leak in the series

Game of Thrones

Another Game of Thrones episode is leaked on the internet, the most popular TV show on HBO cannot keep its quilt over it before the official launch. After the Game of Thrones, Season 7 Episode 4 was leaked during the first week of August. When people have downloaded the episode from torrents sites and watched it with inferior quality of picture and sound. Many people who watched the episode this way wished later on social media they had better not downloaded it and watch it.

This time Episode 6 due to air on August 20 is accidentally released by HBO Nordic Spain, however, it was quickly pulled out after an hour but during that period people have grabbed their fortune, apparently some people managed to copy the whole episode and posted it on various torrent sites where others can download and watch it straight away.

It was previously reported on August 1 that hackers managed to stole entire GOT season this year, but HBO refused to comment on the news at that time. However, leaked episode 4 was watermarked by Star India logo, the HBO partner. Four employees were arrested with the charges of the data breach from Star India lately.

Amid earlier HBO breach hackers demanded $6 million in ransom, HBO has been the centre point for hackers due to some extraordinarily popular shows that people can’t wait watching, but HBO confirmed that they would not negotiate with hackers in any way.