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Gates and Zuckerberg Partnered on New Education Initiative

Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg have recently made an announcement about their partnership regarding the development of technologies for kids with disabilities.

Bill Gates—Microsoft’s CEO and the CEO of Facebook—Mark Zuckerberg have as per latest reports teamed up for providing new technologies for the children who find it difficult to learn. This step is an attempt which would incorporate experimenting into the child brain science, as was reported by the Associated Press.

The “Chan Zuckerberg Initiative” and the “Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation” is aimed at exploring a number of possible pilot projects. The main concentration would be in mathematics, writing and brain functions that are the primary classroom learning areas, which have been indicated as the needed elements for the academic success.

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As per Daily Mail, the venture is looking for new ideas and information from different sectors varying from business to medicine, academia and technology. The hopes for future investments are based on that information, no dollar amount has yet been decided upon yet.

The topic regarding the disabled children’s struggle for learning owing to weak brain function involving memory, behavioural problems linked to autism, attention disabilities and thinking flexibility has long been a topic grieved over by the health advocates and social workers.

This partnership by the two tech entrepreneurs indicates possible ways to reduce such deficiencies.

Some of the ideas incorporate the use of games and technology signals for assisting teachers and family, and also to track the progress in some weak students like those who have some disability or the ones who try learning English as a second language.

According to the two tech moguls behind this initiative, technology is not the main focus, however, the role it plays is vital and acknowledged.

Additionally, Gates has recently also announced more help for disabled students with problems like Alzheimer’s disease research and American poverty. Microsoft has also announced a $25 million plan for using artificial intelligence for the making of better technology for the disabled people.

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