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UAE is investing $100,000 in Pakistani Startups

Pakistani Embassy in Abu Dhabi is investing $100,000 in Pakistan startups. A program which is part of the EXPO 2020 has started, providing young entrepreneurs an opportunity to fulfill their dreams.

Pakistani entrepreneurs looking for financial help to launch their business can apply in this program.

Those who are selected will be awarded $100,000 in grants under the UAE’s EXPO 2020 Initiative.

The embassy is looking for startups working on different ideas addressing the issues faced all around the world. The issues can focus on education, poverty, governance, health, employment, logistics, financial capital, digital connectivity, and green growth. It is important that your business idea has relevance to the theme, it provides a new and innovative solution, it targets beneficiaries, and you have a sound business plan to implement the idea.

The announcement by the embassy stated, “We are looking for young Pakistani Entrepreneurs/Startups who have developed some innovative product/idea which has social utility and could be scaled up locally as well as globally to address today’s challenges related to education, governance, poverty, health, logistics, financial capital, employment, digital connectivity and green growth etc.”

Anyone can apply in this program from social entrepreneurs, SMEs, NGOs, and government bodies. Every applicant has to fill an application form.

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Applicants can register via Expo Live ePortal program. A short proposal of your business idea has to be submitted. If you are selected, you will be asked to deliver a full project proposal.

For more info contact cs.kamran@pakistanembassyuae.org and visit the link.

The last date to submit your ideas is September 2018.