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Generating Super Blog Topics is Now Just 30-minutes Away

generating super blog topics

Do you find it a herculean chore generating super blog topics?

Worry not, this 30-minute exercise will solve your big headache!

Why do You Need this 30-minute Exercise for Generating Super Blog Topics?

You have too much to do. There are many just like you running after every opportunity. But like so many others, you too miss that grab. What could you do to make the best out of the little time of yours?


When you have a plan that best sets according to your resources, it will surely drag you out of the big catch. It’ll condense your time and effort of generating super blog topics. Once through with this 30-minute exercise, you’ll feel less burden for a period of (let’s say) two weeks.

And you’d always rerun this activity to help you with blog generation ideas.

Done with the warm up exercise? Let’s go hardcore!

30-minute Exercise to Generating Super Blog Topics

For this 30-minute exercise, you need a whiteboard, a board marker, post-it notes, and pen(s).

You have 10 minutes to Write Down

This exercise focuses on the quantity rather than quality. So, don’t hesitate to write even if you doubt it. You’ll have your time to sort the best ones and also to reshape the odd ones.

Do this with a team or alone:

  • Get post-it notes or pieces of paper to write your ideas on each piece. The blog ideas should be all related to your niche.
  • Set a timer for 10 minutes.
  • Write freely, without copying ideas from; your teammates (if working with a team) or the internet (if working solo).

The buzzer means stop writing!

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Rank Your Ideas within 10 minutes

This is the exercise where you’ll throw out your dirty work.

Collect all the notes from your teammates and get ready to rank them. But first, make three columns on the whiteboard and label them as:

(You’d label the columns as you please. But there must be three labels identifying the worth of each blog idea.

Ranking your blog ideas can be done with two methods:

  • Go loud; or
  • Go mute;

Ranking Blog Ideas, Loudly:

  • Read every blog idea loudly (or ask someone to do it).
  • Ask opinion about every blog idea from every team member.
  • Then place the paper under a related label, with high votes (not every member will vote the same for every blog idea, so just put them based on the number of votes).

This method gives everyone a chance to share their opinion helping everyone to learn from every member. However, this method could influence decisions. If you have scored a good for one idea, rest might say it the same without being honest.

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Ranking Blog Ideas, Mutely:

This ranking methodology is done discreetly. No one knows the opinion of others before making it public:

  • One member reads the every blog idea loudly.
  • The rest will share their opinion (score) on a piece of paper or via a chat message.
  • The reader gathers the result, place them on the whiteboard under the relevant label, and shows it to other members.

With this methodology, you can expect a much better and honest opinion. And once done with scoring, you’d even discuss the negatives and positives of every idea presented and opinion shared.

This process requires you to rely on your instinct. You won’t be having much time to think, just enough to read and decide.

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Take 10 Minutes to Narrow Your Selection

Now that you have lots of great ideas, it’s time to refine the selection.

Narrow down the selection by scoring them based on:

  • The uniqueness of each blog idea
  • Your audience’s interests for each blog idea
  • Your expertise in each blog idea

Once done with this phase, you now would have a smaller list. If you find it less amusing, consider going to column two (Bad). And try refining those blog ideas. If this still doesn’t work, go to the third column (Ugly).

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At first, it’s going to be tough for you and the team. And even harder if you plan to dive in alone. But with each plan you make, you’ll start holding to its power and will get better blog ideas.

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Time to Start Generating Super Blog Topics

With this easy plan for generating super blog topics, it helps you:

  • Become more creative.
  • Well organized.
  • Understanding your audience.
  • Strengthening a bond with teammates.
  • Generating high traffic volume.

Now you have this great plan to generate blog topics, it’s time to start planning your content calendar 2017.