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GitHub eliminates thousands of jobs and completely embraces remote work


Since the beginning of 2023, the trend of layoffs at major tech companies has begun. It appears that it is not going to slow down earlier. A few times ago Google, Twitter, Meta, Amazon, and others announced major job cuts. Recently, Yahoo and Disney announced job cuts in their respective companies. And now, GitHub is the next on the list that is going to announce momentous terminations.

It is anticipated that this announcement will impact 10% of the company’s workers. It estimates to be around 3,000 workers. Thus, indicating that hundreds of workers will be losing their jobs. One noteworthy aspect to notice here is that the CEO of GitHub has decided to close down all physical office spaces and instead operate completely remotely. It could be appealing for some workers who chose further flexibility.

The company sent an email to all the workers that indicated that the platform houses around 100 million developers. Most of those developers are great with the AI-powered Copilot. Copilot is one of the most successful ventures of the company. Currently, new hirings are paused. The workers will be properly notified either during the FY23 or some other after time. Besides this, the company has not officially shared the information about the transition compensations. However, the company will extend such compensations in form of health care or other transition advantages.

Dohmke, further clarifies that the company has witnessed a period of slow growth and usability with the physical space. For this reason, it is going to close down the offices when favorable conditions arrive. Some other cost-reducing strategies adopted by the company include a four-year laptop refresh cycle in contrast to the three years refresh cycle. Furthermore, the company will move a step down with a Microsoft Teams subscription. It will only be used for video conferencing. Where other communication practices will be fulfilled via Slack.  

Due to ongoing tough and challenging times, GitLab has also declared that it will reduce the workforce by 7%.