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WhatsApp is launching a new feature that will transcribe audio messages into text

WhatsApp is working on its latest feature. Through this latest feature, users will be able to convert audio messages into text. In other words, people who don’t like audio messages will be able to translate them into text and simply read them.

WhatsApp is launching an audio transcription feature

According to WABetaInfo, the latest version of WhatsApp for iPhone introduced a transcription feature for audio messages. This feature will listen to the audio message and translate it into text. As this feature is new, there are certainly some limitations.

The transcriptions will be interrupted when some words are unidentified in the audio or if the audio language is different from the one that is set up for transcription. In terms of privacy, it’s the best feature because it does all of the work required for this task on your devices rather than uploading it to servers.

For now, this latest feature is only available on the iPhone version of the WhatsApp beta app, and we can’t predict when it will be available for Android devices. Telegram, as a major competitor of WhatsApp, already provides these facilities for audio and video transcription. However, this feature is only available to Telegram’s premium subscribers. However, WhatsApp will be providing this feature free of charge for its users.

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WhatsApp has previously updated its game by introducing many features like status reactions, voice notes as status updates, and link previews for its status updates. WhatsApp has also launched a feature called “message yourself” that can be used in the form of notes as well.

Also, WhatsApp is working on its latest version for macOS, which is being rebuilt with Catalyst technology. Although there’s no way to predict for sure when this feature will be available to all users,

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