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Gmail Rolls Out Carousel in Your Inbox Just Like Web Pages

Gmail Carousel

The search engine giant Google is close to brining a major update to Gmail which will allow users to interact with email messages more like web pages. The carousel you might have seen on web pages which allow you to look for products, news, and services.

Google is using AMP technology right in the Gmail which is focused on enhancing user experience and their interaction with email messages. Google is rolling out this major change to desktop today but it will be available on mobile later.

It’s important to mention that this update is currently focused on companies sending promotional or business messages to your inbox, it would not change anything in the conversation you are doing with your personal contacts. The companies would be able to create more appealing messages that would create more engagement with the messages and emails sent.

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However, it’s still useful for Gmail users; for instance, you will spend less time on emails and reply to a comment in a Google Doc without opening the app itself. Similarly, you could mark the tasks assigned to you as completed in project management app right from the notification email.

But it could be more attractive for marketers because they can customize and personalize their massaging more than ever before. The marketers would be able to create a carousel or items and catalogue of products that are real-time in the email messages.

Google has also said that if the users are accessing Gmail via third party client then they would only be able to access the static version of Gmail.The recent update has enormous potential for future innovation, for instance, integrated payment systems can also allow marketers to sell the products directly in Gmail. It would be interesting to see if other email service providers would follow the trend or how they will respond to this change.