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Samsung And KT Achieve 1Gbps Speed in 5G commercial Network at Seoul

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Samsung has announced today that it has achieved 1Gbps of 5G commercial speed over the air using KT’s 5G network deployed in Seoul.

According to the details Samsung has used 5G commercial network which Korean Telecom KT had already deployed in Seoul. The company used 3.5GHz spectrum deployed in Gwanghwamun , Seoul while analyzing the network speed. The network was comprised of Samsung’s 5G NR end-to-end network solutions including 5G radio and virtual core (vCore) which supports both 4G LTE and 5G at the same time.

The company claims that it was a real-world 5G user experience which focused on end users when they will use 5G commercially, the overall speeds were 1Gbps on a 5G smartphone (Galaxy S10 5G) which was connected to the network.

Samsung Electronics has marked this joint achievement as one of the key milestones in the new 5G technology, the network in Seoul however, is conducting trials for stable Gigabyte speeds in Seoul since last December. The commercial 5G service in Seoul metropolitan area set to arrive in Spring this year, however, KT has also announced today that the 5G network services would be available to end users nationwide in as many as 85 cities across Korea by the end of March 2019.

“Samsung and KT will continue to work closely in collaboration to push beyond the limits of today’s technology and offer a glimpse of the revolutionary world led by 5G,” said Jaeho Jeon, Executive Vice President and Head of R&D, Networks Business at Samsung Electronics. “Harnessing our assets and cutting-edge 5G end-to-end solutions, Samsung aims to be at the forefront to push the limits of 5G even further.”