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Google Advertising PPC Vs Facebook Advertising Which Is The Best For Your Business


Advertising becomes vital in this competitive age, consumers have many substitutes available for almost every product and service now a days. In this increasingly competitive scenario businesses along with their core strengths have to focus on capturing the right consumers in the right time.

Here advertising becomes really important, advertising allow businesses to reach maximum targeted audience and promote their product or service in order to increase sales and revenue.

If you have made up your mind to start advertising for your business and you have considered two major platforms Google PPC advertising and Facebook advertising and you are not sure which perform is better and which will provide you a good ROI then you must go through the following steps. It will help you to clarify your goals and expectations.

Define Your Advertising Goals

Before starting an advertising campaign you have to define your advertising goals first.
Are you doing advertising just for branding and let people know who you are and what you do?
Are you doing advertising for selling more products or services?
Is it your initial stage or you are already established business and expanding your campaigns?
Are you doing advertising just to increase your website traffic?
Are you doing advertising to stay ahead in competition?

You will be able to define your advertising goals by answering the above questions; the key is to keep the goals minimum because if you consider fulfilling all the above requirements then it might take a lot of budget to spend on your advertising campaigns. You may also need to run multiple campaigns at the same time.

Once you have defined your advertising goals the next step is to define and refine your targeted audience. There is a difference between defining and refining target audience you can read this detail in my other article Mobile App Marketing

Define Target Audience

After defining and refining target audience think about how many people you wish to reach, in Google advertising 0.8% to 3% is the normal conversion rate. This means if you wish to make 2 customers then you have to reach 100 people in general. But this also depends on ad quality, budget, targeting, product/service and finally the campaign management.

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Set Budget

Setting Budget is really important in meeting advertising goals, for instance as mentioned earlier if you wish to reach huge audience to achieve all the advertising goals then you have to keep the budget much higher. You can get the idea about budget from Google Adwords and also from facebook ads. Both platforms provide you estimated budget get, reach, CPC etc.

Google Advertising Pros And Cons

Google is the most popular platform of online advertising. Google currently holds 67% of online advertising revenue and it has huge potential to reach people all around the world.

Here Are The Keynotes On Google Advertising

  • No one advertising platform
  • Can be really expensive
  • Strong refining and targeting mechanism
  • Different variations for different products and services such as; Search advertising, Display advertising, Video advertising, Universal app advertising, Google shopping, In-apps, In-videos
  • Strong reach on the entire internet including websites, apps, search engine, videos
  • Can burn budget with little return if not managed properly
  • Social media audience can be overlooked
  • More Suitable for large and medium advertisers

Facebook Advertising Pros And Cons

  • Inexpensive as compared to other PPC networks
  • Only focused on Social media audience and only on one platform
  • Not effective targeting and refining mechanism, lot of irrelevant traffic
  • Professional audience may be overlooked
  • Text restrictions on ad images
  • Video advertising is quite effective
  • Shopping businesses can make most out of it

Selecting Which Channel Best Suit Your Needs

You can review pros and cons of each advertising platform and figure out which best suits your needs, goals and budget. In comparison, Google ads are much effective than Facebook ads but it again depends on the goals, budget and audience. For instance, if I have small online clothing store website in the UK which sells in the UK only then obviously I wouldn’t have much budget to spend on Google advertising secondly, Facebook ads would be much targeted for me because I have to target young population in the UK. So I will definitely go for Facebook ads campaign targeting young UK based consumers.  Similarly, you can define your strategy and go for the platform that provides you with best advertising experience.