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Signal testing voice and video calling features

voice and video calling features

Signal is an encrypted chat app developed by Open Whisper Systems. It is available for desktops, iOS and Android devices. The chat app has been praised by Edward Snowden as well for being innovated enough to move beyond simple messaging. The beta version of the app is running new tests on voice and video calling features. The new beta users, according to the app’s changelog, will be able to try out the voice and video calling features, if the settings are on.

Android police first noted the changes and reported it in their blog. The blog tracks the number of beta applications across the Google Play Store platform. Rumors suggest and developments point out that the voice and video calling features will not only be for Android. The Signal iPhone beta version will also have the same grounds for its functioning.

Lately, Open Whisper System was under a lot of heat for spending developer resources on things like GIF search and stickers. The organization is non-profit and needs mainstream audiences for fund generation so mainstream attractions are necessary. The Signal Protocol cryptography was criticized for not dealing with the development of serious features for the app. The shift to “fun” features is what would draw the mainstream users.

Voice and video calling features are now messaging app staples

The development of these features are a major improvement factor for the Signal app. These cannot just be considered some fluffy additions but concrete advancement. Reports from the people who tested it by gaining access to the features have applauded it. The options can be enabled in the app’s settings screen where there is now an option for “Signal messages and calls” along with “Video calling beta”. When making an encrypted call through voice or video be sure that the other person has adjusted their beta settings similar to yours. Calls, voice notes, videos and mute icons appear at the top of the screen.

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Signal’s main aim is to keep user privacy in mind but in a broader sense competes with messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp and Google Duo. All of these apps support video calling feature as well. Voice and video calling features are now a norm in the messaging app market for the audience. The Signal app is quickly catching up with others in the market when it comes to new features. However, the app seems to be struggling with adoption on the grounds of its lack of network effects of other social apps.

The app focuses on the privacy and security of the users this is why it is less social. It does not pull in contacts from users social networks or uploads address book like apps such as Snapchat or Whatsapp. The app also doesn’t have codes to make adding users easier like “Snapcodes”. Private calling feature is very alluring to those who want to have more secure conversations. The feature will roll out to everyone in the coming days.

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