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Google Allo might be better than other messaging apps

Google Allo

Google Allo is a messaging app by Google that lets users chat with pictures, emojis and doodles along with texts. Allo is also coupled with Google assistant in its preview edition. The chat messenger app quickly became popular because of its machine learning and Al that offers so many interesting options.

Google Allo is a strong competition to other chatting apps in the market. Snapchat, Facebook Messenger and iMessage are all very easy to use. Each messaging app has a bunch of options that users can use to their advantage. However, many users do not want to clutter their phone so many apps.

Google Allo, FB Messenger, Snapchat and iMessage are more similar than you think

Before, we break down the messaging apps it is necessary to look at the similarities. Google Allo, Apple iMessage, Facebook Messenger and Snapchat offer multimedia messages. Chatting in groups is available in all four apps. For people who are concerned with privacy and security it should be know that some offer end to end encryption. Snapchat does not offer end to end encryption. Google Allo provides user the option to switch into incognito mode, making end to end encryption optional. FB Messeneger and iMessage offer end to end encryption throughout.

Facebook Messenger is the only one that does not offer any sort of expiration date to messages. Snapchat and Google Allo have this feature. iMessage did try to use this feature but is not very successful at implementing it.

While every other app focuses on texting, FB Messenger is the only one that offers voice calls. Snapchat and Facebook Messenger allow video calls but Google Allo and iMessage do not ave this option. Audio messages are possible in Google Allo. Apple iMessage and FB Messenger can also send audio messages. Snapchat does not provide this feature.

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Messaging apps are using more integration

Phone number storage is of concern of privacy enthusiasts. Snapchat and FB Messenger do not require phone number although it is optional for users to put in. Google Allo and iMessage require phone number to work.

What makes Google Allo one of the best app in the market is the artificial intelligence and Google Assistant. Snapchat offers augment reality and iMessage has a bunch of new features because of iOS 10. iMessage has integration which allows user to open other apps in the same texting window.

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Google Allo, iMessage and Snapchat do not have web support. Facebook Messenger is the only one which has web support and can be simultaneously used from a mobile device.

Geo locations can be traced through a number of apps but does not necessarily require it to be switched on. Google Allo is the only one that requires locating tracking as a must for the app to work. Allo has relied on Google Hangout app to cater to the productivity of users. The app also uses integration so users can keep on chatting all the while planning a route through Google Maps. It has search engine inside the chat window.

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In conclusion, the apps are pretty similar but Google Allo has an edge over other because of its terrific artificial intelligence.

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