Samsung Note 7 to delay release in South Korea

Samsung Note 7

Samsung Note 7 explosions are very common news nowadays. It has caused the tech giant Samsung Electronics Co Ltd to halt their sales in South Korea by three days. The phones will now be releasing on October 1st, to ensure the completion of Note 7 recall as reported by Reuters.

Samsung Note 7 was released before Apple’s iPhone 7 to ensure that the brand has a competitive advantage. But days after its released people started complaining about their phones catching fire. One man in the U.S suffered second degree burns because the phone exploded in his front pocket. The man has now filed a law-suit against Samsung. Flights started banning the use of Samsung Note 7 and even refrained users from charging it.

Why are Samsung Note 7 exploding?

The cause of Samsung Note 7 explosion is faulty batteries. The rechargeable batteries use lithium-ion cells. The energy dense cells can operate in high power but are also susceptible to chaotic explosion. Overheating is the main cause accounted to the battery explosion. The faulty battery management system monitors the electrical current. It is responsible for triggering a chip that tells the phone to stop charging once the battery is full. A faulty chip can overcharge the phone and the battery in return becomes faulty.

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Since, phones do not have a fan or liquid cooling mechanism so they radiate the heat into the surrounding. In case of Samsung Note 7 the heat generated is not dissipated fast enough so the material starts to break down leading to a snowball effect. The thermal runway is responsible for destroying the battery cells completely.

After Samsung started recalling its phone only 200,000 customers have returned their device in South Korea. The company hopes to start new sales in the market but now before the recall finished which has been a slow process.

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