Google Allo on the Web is now available on your computer

Google Allo messaging app by Google inc. was launched September last year to Android and iOS devices. It was said to be competing directly the other apps in the market including Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, WhatsApp and iMessage.

Not commenting on the success of mobile app, Google has now launched its web version, Google Allo is now available to use via the web, but the new version is currently available with an exception, you can only use the web version on Android devices, said by Amit Fulay Google’s head for Allo product and video chat app Duo.

You can check it out by scanning the QR code here with this link. After scanning the code Google will update all the messages, chats and data on to your web application, most of the Allo’s features such as; smart replies, stickers, emoji and Google assistant are all integrated into it.

You can sync all messages, settings, conversations on multiple devices make it more convenient for the users who may not carry devices all the time with them. Google says it will launch Allo web version for iOS devices soon.