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Google Android Apps Are Now More Freely Available On iOS Devices

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Android or iOS, Google or Apple: The camps in the mobile communications sector are very clearly defined. For the launch of the iPhone 13, however, Google is certain that Apple disciples can at least be persuaded to make their Apple device Android-compatible from top to bottom.

iPhone And Google Getting Closer

Over the years, iOS and Android have moved closer and closer together in terms of user interfaces. With countless apps and the integration of widgets on the home screen of the Apple operating system, Google sees a great opportunity to also find a permanent place on the iPhone. For the launch of the iPhone 13, a detailed article is now being advertised that users can almost completely do without Apple’s ecosystem.

Google sees the iOS home screen as an important gateway, for which countless widgets for the most important own services are now available. The group is dreaming very confidently of an iPhone screen on which, of course, widgets from Google Maps, Google Fit, YouTube as well as Google Calendar, Gmail, and Google Drive have completely replaced all Apple elements.

In addition, one refers again to the function “Apple Smart Stacks” with which widgets of the same size can be combined into a stack – and hopes that there will be additional incentives to give the services a try. In combination with the other apps that are available for iOS, they want to be able to “bring the best of Google to the iPhone 13”.

Chrome should be it

And then, with regard to iPhone users, Google has one more hope: Since iOS 14, the new default apps function has made it possible to define Chrome on iPhones as the standard browser that also works with the Spotlight system search. In order to support those willing to change, the company provides its own support article that guides you through the necessary steps.

The intention that Google is pursuing here seems clear: iOS is the biggest competitor, but with the wide availability of its own apps, they want to continue to tap the most important asset on iPhones and Co.: data. In addition, there is certainly another factor: If Apple users get used to using Google services, the next time they buy a smartphone, the path to a real Android device may not be that far.

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