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Google, Apple And Microsoft Hold Top Three Positions In BrandZ Global Ranking

Being second best, you will never look down to all those below you, you will always feel furious at that just one person/company/brand above you. BrandZ global ranking was announced and let’s look at the results.

Apple was beaten by Google yet again for the first position. No, it’s not that Apple never achieved the first position.  For five consecutive years from 2010-2015 Apple retained its first position in the ranking conducted by research company Kantar Millward Brown. Now for two consecutive years Apple is beaten by Google and the best became second best.

The third position was grasped by Microsoft, just like last three years.

Apple’s brand value diminishing?

The brand value of Apple increased by 3% that is to $234.7 billion while Google’s brand value raised by 7% to $245.6 billion last year.  Does this mean that Apple’s strong position in the market, isn’t strong enough anymore?

Is it because users feel that Apple’s product are same and boring while Google is offering new, fresh products and services to the people, just like self-driving cars.

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All tech companies dominate the first three positions. This was based on interviews around 3 million taken at 51 diverse countries. There is massive data, around 4.6 million that has helped in developing these rankings.

Amazon from 20th position to 4th position

Five years ago Amazon was at 20th position in this ranking. Now from last year the brand rose by three places. The brand value of Amazon has increased by 41%.

So yes, here it is, giving a challenge to all other brands.

The top five brands, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook form ¼ that is 25% of total brand value. Top five companies, controlling the lives of people is quite astonishing, but this is reality now.

Also for the first time Youtube, Snapchat and Netflix also grabbed positions in top 100.