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Google Assistant Makes it Easy to Call or Text While Driving

With the new driving mode option on Google Maps, it gets easier for users to text and make calls.

Google Assistant

As technology is advancing, the way we text and call others is also improving. Google sets one good example. With the new feature from Google, users would be able to easily send messages and calls while driving.

According to the update, Google Assistant driving mode is rolling out in Google Maps to Android users.

“Thanks to the new driving-friendly Assistant interface, you can easily get more done while keeping your focus on the road. Use voice to send and receive calls and texts, quickly review new messages across your messaging apps in one place,”

Google on the support page

Not only this, but Google Assistant will also read out texts so mobile users don’t look down while driving and will get alerts for incoming calls which they can answer or decline with their voice.

All this can be done without leaving the navigation screen. This feature ensures minimized distractions for the driver.

To use this feature, users have to start navigating to a destination with Google Maps and tap on the pop-up to get started. According to the information, this feature is currently available on Android devices only, running the Android version 9.0 phones or higher with 4GB RAM.