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“My Huawei” app is featuring services, Huawei academy, and more

“MY Huawei” app brings services, Huawei academy, and more and has over 500 million active users,

My Huawei App - AppGallery

Huawei has been working hard to capture all it could. The company held the Huawei Pollen Annual Meeting in January, where He Gang, an executive at Huawei, said the company is working on the “My Huawei” app. The app is now official and available on the Huawei App Market.

The “My Huawei” app integrates original independent apps, such as the Pollen Club, Huawei services, gameplay skills, and membership center. The app aims to provide fast, rich, and high-quality service for Huawei users. It incorporates rich functions such as services, gameplay skills, Huawei academy, nearby stores, shopping, etc.

After the ban imposed by the US, Huawei had to face several challenges, including no access to Play Store. But the company didn’t stop progressing; it came with our app store. The Huawei AppGallery has over 500 million active users, as informed. This is called dedication.

This app gallery has two major sections: (a)“Featured” (b) “Categories.” The former includes Apps and Games selected by the team and has content like articles, guides, and reviews.

Countries receiving this new “My Huawei” app includes:

  • Sweden
  • Norway
  • Finland
  • Denmark
  • Romania
  • Czechia(Czech Republic)
  • Poland
  • Bulgaria
  • Turkey
  • Austria
  • Lithuania
  • Hungary
  • Ukraine
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