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Google Assistant to Get a Web App for Lists and Notes

Google Assistant

As per reports, Google Assistant would soon be getting its own Web App for Lists and Notes. The company would no more be relying on third-party applications anymore.

It could be said that Google is working on permitting users to set their own default list and note taking provider in Assistant.

The Google application 8.33 has released a URL for a new “Lists and Notes” web application that links into the Google Assistant. The Assistant is live and has got two tabs for “lists” and “notes”, besides having a bottom application bar. The multi-coloured FAB at centre allows one to make a new list or note.

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This web application is easy to access. It could be saved between various devices. The functionality and interface of the application is also very simple and basic. Users would be able to make a simple list that has got the option to mark off items or delete them completely.

The app would also give access to users for giving titles to the lists and notes, however, no other real feature is so far set to them.

There is no further information regarding the web app and the true nature of this Google Assistant new app. Chances are that it might be a default option for Google Assistant.

It is yet to be left on speculations that how this app would work until it is launched properly and gets in functioning mode.

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