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Google Assistant Will Access Data From Multiple Accounts Simultaneously

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One of the most frequent criticisms of Google Assistant is that related to its difficulty in working correctly with work accounts, in particular with Google Calendar events but fortunately, the Mountain View giant could soon solve this problem.

Analyzing the code of the latest Google Assistant APK, in fact, the staff of 9to5Google found references that suggest the introduction of an important novelty, by virtue of which the assistant should be able to access data from multiple accounts together with the main one.

Google Assistant is preparing an important news

This should be possible through a new Account page in the Google Assistant settings: according to its description, in fact, it will allow the assistant to access data and services from other accounts (at the moment there is a single button to add a new account).

At the moment it is not clear which platform this “Account” page is intended for (probably Android devices, smart displays, and speakers) nor are there certainties on how the data of the various accounts will be integrated (one hypothesis is that with the command shows a unified view of all information and events from each connected account). We look forward to information from the Mountain View giant to find out when this new feature will be integrated and how it will work. You can download the assistant of the Mountain View giant from the Play Store.

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