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Google Maps Now Accept Parking Payments via Google Pay

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On Wednesday, software agency Passport brought a new partnership with Google to simply accept parking payments immediately through the Google Maps app.

Back in 2016, Passport bought nearby parking app startup ParkX. A few years later, Passport updated the city of Austin, Texas with a backend operating system to control the city’s parking meters. In 2019, the ParkX app was rebranded to ParkATX.

Google Maps integration now solves the problem to download a brand new app in order to pay for parking considering all Android gadgets include Google Maps integrated and lots of iOS customers already powered with Google Maps. However, the procedure isn’t any shorter.

As GSMArena reported, the consumer processes their destination, a choice to pay will appear within the Maps navigation window. You nonetheless must input a zone no., similar to many current parking apps. You then must choose the vehicle (or add one with the number plate), and the charge is dealt with by means of a payment method via Google Pay. Sure, the usage of Google Maps is extra convenient, however if you already park inside the city on an ordinary basis then chances are you already have your local pay-to-park apps downloaded and installed on your cellphone. Pay to park using Google Maps is now rolling out in Austin, Texas, and “becomes widely available in other cities in the coming weeks”.