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Google Blocks Installation Of Gmail Go On Non-Android Go Devices

Gmail Go

As we all know, Google has created a “lite” application for the Android Go platform. Many first-party apps represented by Gmail Go make Android Go device users with limited resources very happy. Unfortunately, this joy does not seem to last long. It is reported that the Gmail Go launched in 2018 retains core functions but consumes only half of the storage space of the ordinary Android App.

Recently, many people have accused Gmail of causing software expansion due to unnecessary Meet tags. Android users who voted with their feet simply switched to the more streamlined Gmail Go mail client.

However, without warning, Google has disabled the option to install the Gmail Go mail client on non-Android Go devices-at least it cannot be installed directly through official channels.

Android Police reported that Google did deliberately remove the wider availability of Gmail Go-because it was an accident that it was able to install on almost all Android devices before! As for whether the official follow-up plans to change this point, Google has not yet expressed its position yet.

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