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Google broadens crackdown on tech support ads scams

Tech Support ads Scams are on the rise and Google is focused on taking strict measures against these scams to keep the scammers out of Google ads.

The search engine giant has started restricting tech support ads globally, the company is planning to introduce a verification system in the coming months, however, this does not guarantee that tech support scams would be eliminated completely, but the users would be able to get real help most of the times after these measures.

Google in its blog post has mentioned that the company has successfully countered the bad ads previously; it purged roughly 3.2 billion of such ads during 2017. The company has also blocked shady categories such as rehab centers and bail bond services.

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The company has classed the Tech Support Verification System as a logical extension of this approach, the company’s effort to screen advertisers at the time when it’s becoming increasingly difficult to separate real services providers from the scammers is welcomed by the genuine services providers.

Google has streamlined the process amid Wall Street Journal’s discovery of some fraudulent tech support ads. The one example shows the ad appeared to be an official Apple service but directed people to the scammer’s phone line.

Wall Street Journal’s post which is viewed and read by millions of people has elevated the importance of taking strong action against these types of rip-off campaigns, and Google has now announced to offer a stronger response in this category.

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