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Google To Change Its Search Engine Homepage For The First Time Since 1996

Google would be altering its Home Page for the first time since 1996. It will be adding its Newsfeed relating to sports, events, and internet related subjects into Google.com page quite soon. So now along with the search function, personalized information would be part of the search engine page.

Google has since forever kept its famous homepage with its logo and a search box where billions of users daily search information. The background has been white and there is nothing more on the page since ages, now adding feeds on the page would work or not, it is too early to decide.

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The news was announced by Google on Wednesday that it was organizing and customizing its feed to add on the search page. Vice President of Engineering at Google, Shashi Thakur said that you will find top stories in your vicinity and globally, sports main news, national, international highlights and a feature to read more in the renewed version of Google.com. Those who want to read new of a genre would be able to easily click from google.com page and read it.

For US users this new update would start immediately, as for international users they would be able to use these features in a couple of weeks.

Adding Google feed to the main desktop page would bring the biggest change seen on Google search procedure.

There was a personalized homepage on Google once called iGoogle which started operating in May 2005 and ended in November 2013, but it was just for those who logged in and used iGoogle, the feed was not available on Google search page by default.

What would be included on the main search page, would it be an easy access for all users or not and would it make Google position even stronger as a search engine, we will see in upcoming months.