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Strategy by YouTube To Fight Terrorism & Control Violent Content

YouTube has come up with a strategy to fight terrorism and remove terrorist content from its App. For this, the plan YouTube has come up with is to divert people who search for violent content towards anti-violent content. Through this, they want to moderate the thought process of an individual and make sure that they don’t become a potential recruit for terrorist groups like ISIS.

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This new feature is called redirect method. YouTube and YouTube’s parent company Alphabet’s Jigsaw tech incubator and Moonshot CVE collaborated to create this feature. Moonshot CVE is a company that specializes in anti-violent policies and teaches users to fight terrorism.

These alterations are being made by YouTube when many advertisers removed their ads from YouTube as those ads were placed with videos spreading terrorist extremist ideology.

In a blog post officials from YouTube said that “When people search for certain keywords on YouTube, we will display a playlist of videos debunking violent extremist recruiting narratives.”

Future plans related to this redirect method are also decided. It would be expanded to various other languages after English.

This has step has been taken by YouTube, other than YouTube social sites like Facebook and Twitter are also playing their role to fight terrorist activities spreading from their platforms. They want to ensure that individuals thoughts are controlled, they are stopped to go in the wrong direction before it gets too late.