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Google Chrome Adds New Sharing Menu Feature

Chrome sharing menu

While it is relatively easy to share files with other apps or devices on the smartphone, on the PC one is dependent on the implementation of the respective application. To make sharing easier, Google wants to integrate a new sharing menu into the Chrome browser.

Google Chrome already has the option of copying a URL or sharing it with other devices using a QR code. In addition, the opened website can be sent directly to a smartphone or transferred to a Chromecast. However, the respective options can be found in different places, so that many users do not even know that the browser has these features.

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For this reason, Google has developed a new share menu that summarizes the sharing options. The options for sharing content are listed in a central menu that can be opened via a plus symbol next to the address bar.

Activate the feature via a flag option

At the moment the feature seems to be in the development phase. The menu only appears after a corresponding flag option has been activated. To do this, the user has to enter “chrome: // flags” in the address bar of the browser and search for the entry “Desktop Sharing Hub in Omnibox”. The option must then be set to “Enabled”. Currently, the plus button does not completely replace the other buttons. According to Android Police, the old icons are still displayed when the user clicks on the URL.

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So far, the new share menu has only been built into the experimental Canary version of the browser. The builds are used to test new functions before integrating them into a final version. If no problems arise, the sharing options could soon be combined in a stable build.