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Google Chrome To Block Auto Play Videos From January

You must be really annoyed by the autoplay video while browsing the internet, sometimes the videos on the website have loud sounds and music and if you are not wearing a headset it could be disastrous for others especially in a quiet working environment.

Google has now acknowledged the peskier effects of auto-playing videos and advertisements, in the next coming update for Chrome Desktop, it will block any video that has sound and stop driving you insane. According to the Google’s official blog post, now only the videos without the sound will play or if the user has shown interest in the media.

But how Google will know someone is interested in playing videos automatically? Google Chrome will set the parameters for that, it will register you if you are interested in autoplay videos from a specific web page, when you add the web page on your phone’s home screen or when you frequently play media from a particular website.

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Other than these parameters, autoplay videos will be paused until you click them to play. The new update for Chrome 64 is scheduled to be released by January 2018.

Apple has already announced a similar feature to Safari browser in June, which is going to roll out by September 25 when MacOS High Sierra launches. You will also receive an update next month for Chrome 63 which will allow you to block audio from specific pesty sites, you don’t have to wait until January for that.