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Telenor Becomes The First Telecom Company In Pakistan To Develop Its Own Cloud Network

Telenor has become the first company to successfully establish its own cloud network. The company tested by making the first 3G voice call and the first LTE data call which was a success. So now Telenor has pioneered in Pakistan to have an in-house cloud system that can revolutionize all network functions.

Telenor took help from Nokia’s Airframe data center solution, OpenStack-based Nokia Cloud Band software, and ZTE’s virtualized MSS and vitalized PGW functions.

Nokia Head of the Middle East Growth Markets, Khalid Khan said, “Nokia is proud to have helped Telenor achieve this ground-breaking milestone, taking important steps towards virtualization of its network. It is great to see Telenor leveraging the strong multi-vendor capabilities of Nokia’s cloud infrastructure.”

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SVP ZTE Corporation, Fan Hu said: “We are pleased to have helped Pakistan’s second largest cellular and digital services provider materialize their network transformation goals by assisting them in developing their own Cloud system.”

Telenor officials said that they will further work on technology, explore it and digitalize all network functions that currently subsist on proprietary hardware.

Telenor Cloud network will improve the efficiency of the cellular network, enhance customer experience, reduce response time and provide more time to form solutions to customer problems. Thus the revenue of Telenor, Pakistan will increase.

Khurrum Ashfaque, Telenor Pakistan’s Chief Technology Officer said, “I consider development and successful testing of our own Cloud network as a huge stride toward our network virtualization goals, and this is just the beginning of a whole new area. We believe that our Cloud platform will not only benefit Telenor as an organization but also enable us to deliver more to our customers in terms of digital products and services further strengthening our position as the customer favorite digital services provider.”

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