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Google Chrome is making it convenient to capture still video frames

Since its release in 2008, Google Chrome has been at the forefront of numerous technological advancements. In less than four years, it overtook Microsoft Internet Explorer to become the most popular web browser on the planet, a distinction it continues to maintain today, 11 years later, with about 66 percent of the market. But since its debut, one minor feature, the ability to extract still images from videos, has been absent. All of it was altered early today.

Google casually mentioned its most recent development to copy video frames in a blog post offering browser advice for college students. With the most recent Chrome desktop version, pausing any movie will allow you to take a high-quality still pause of any clip-on browser. Right-click and select “copy video frame”.

The ability to screen capture movies from websites like YouTube without displaying the player controls is now built-in, which is a handy improvement. This is excellent news for anyone who works in the online content development industry.

Despite Google’s claim that the functionality is “available starting today,” neither Chrome 116 nor Chrome Canary 118’s official builds have the feature. The Verge was able to test the functionality but found that it only works on YouTube and Google Photos and is completely inoperable on websites where the right-click menu of the browser is disabled. The tool also takes the frame at the video’s resolution rather than your monitor’s and loads the screenshot into your computer’s clipboard rather than saving it as a file.

Nothing else in the blog post is particularly surprising, but it’s worth reading if you want a reminder of what Chrome is capable of in terms of grouped tabs, extensions, and research tools. With new aesthetic options and a dash of Material You, Chrome has recently started to update its reader mode. Here you may read about some of the more significant adjustments made in each Google Chrome release.

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